The Slingshot: Saudi dialogue; Evangelical women; Putin’s slur

Kowthar Musa Alarbash, a Saudi blogger and member of the kingdom’s advisory Shura Council, addresses an interreligious conference in Vienna on February 27, 2018. Behind her are the flags of the Holy See, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Spain and the conference sponsor, the King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue. RNS photo by Tom Heneghan

Need to know: Monday, March 12, 2018

Riyadh reformation?

Saudi-backed interfaith center boosted by crown prince’s surprising reforms

Change in the Desert Kingdom has helped establish it as a serious player in interfaith dialogue. More from Religion News Service

Ebbing enthusiasm

White evangelical women, core supporters of Trump, begin tiptoeing away

The president’s support among white evangelical women in recent surveys has dropped about 13 percentage points, to 60 percent, compared with about a year ago. (Subscription may be required.) More from New York Times

Blame game

Putin condemned for saying Jews may have manipulated U.S. election

Putin’s remarks came during a long and occasionally surreal interview with NBC News, in which he speculated that nearly anyone other than the Russian government could have been behind a program to disrupt the election. (Subscription may be required.) More from The Washington Post

Spiritual but not religious

Ellsworth Kelly may have been an atheist, but his chapel is undeniably spiritual

Much as he remained an atheist, the American abstract artist, who died in 2015, could not escape the lure of religious iconography. More from Religion News Service

Going clear

Scientology Network will make TV debut Monday, the church says

The church announced that the Scientology Network will debut Monday, with programming available on DirecTV, Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, iTunes, Google Play and the website More from USA Today

Long read

The last temptation

Christians become one interest group among many, scrambling for benefits at the expense of others rather than seeking the welfare of the whole, writes Michael Gerson in the new issue of the Atlantic. More from The Atlantic

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