And now for some silly Friday fun, here’s a game I was introduced to this week. It’s a great laugh to do this in a group. Identify whether a quote is from the biblical book of Lamentations, or from a Taylor Swift song.

A couple of examples (and no fair cheating on Google!):

“She cries herself to sleep at night, tears soaking on her pillow.”


“I’m aching, no past, nowhere to hide.”

You can get the answers in the brief video below (start around the one-minute mark). Or for three bucks you can download the whole Taylor Swift/Lamentations party game here.

I am going to brag and say that I won this game in my small group of friends. So proud. I blame the twin experiences of being the only competitor present with a teenage daughter and of recently poring over Lamentations for The Twible. And yeah, it is a lot like a Taylor Swift breakup song, except that it’s alphabetical so you can memorize it. In Hebrew. For even more weekend fun.


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