Sometimes we all need a dose of hope . . . so here's a very sappy video for today.

Sometimes we all need a dose of hope . . . so here’s a very sappy video for today. (Shutterstock)

A couple of days ago, a friend emailed me a link to this touching story about the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and their “concert for one.” It runs about five minutes or so. Have a Kleenex handy . . . .

Touching, huh? I was too busy that day to do much of anything other than crank out work to meet a deadline, but I took the time to watch that video, and I am so glad I did.

Now, an update. Because I heard about the video just this week, I had naively assumed that it was a recent news story. It’s not. That footage was shot in 2007, when the Mo Tab Choir was visiting Memphis, Tenn. And about a year ago, KSL-TV ran a follow-up interview with the little girl in the original story, now a healthy teenager.

Hope you’ve still got that Kleenex at the ready.




  1. Raymond Takashi Swenson

    Part of the miracle is the St. Jude’s team, who have brought so much hope to children stricken by cancer. It reminds me of the experience the young Joseph Smith had, of being faced with the need to have his leg amputated due to painful complications from a typhoid infection. His leg was spared by an experimental surgery conducted by Nathan Smith (no relation), founder of Dartmouth medical School. During that ordeal, Joseph was the recipient of constant love and comfort from his parents and his big brother Hyrum, one of the events that cemented their brotherhood that continued right up to their joint martyrdom.

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