If you live in Manhattan, check out Nick Mosca's sermon tomorrow morning at the Madison Avenue Baptist Church. (screen shot)

If you live in Manhattan, check out Nick Mosca’s sermon tomorrow morning at the Madison Avenue Baptist Church. (screen shot)

I got an interesting email this week inviting me to church. In Manhattan.

And I actually really, really wish I could go!

That’s because the people who canĀ go are going to have a great time. Nick Mosca, who just graduated from Harvard Divinity School, is preaching, and he is both insightful and hilarious. I’ve never met him, but I followed the link he sent me to watch his sermon that won this year’s Billings Prize at Harvard.

It’s a terrific sermon that you can watch here, starting around the 41 minute mark.

(“Humorneutics.” I love that! And I wish I had come up with it. Good for him.)

Nick is preaching tomorrow on the intersection of humor and faith at

The Madison Avenue Baptist Church

Madison Avenue between 30th & 31st Streets


11:00 a.m. on Sunday, July 21

If you live in Manhattan or will be there tomorrow, go check it out. You’ll be rolling in the aisles, and will possibly even learn something.


To reach Nick Mosca, contact him at nick at revelinrevelation dot com.


  1. Delightful. There is decidedly not enough humor in religious discourse. I once took a Steven Walker class at BYU where one of the stated purposes was looking for humor in the scriptures. I started putting smiley faces in the margins whenever I ran across a passage that struck me as funny. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Camille condom

    Just watched the video. Wow, this guy is great! Humor & religion, what a novel idea. And done with such respect. We need more young people like this; it’s refreshing.

    I will definitely be at the Madison Avenue Church tomorrow. Very much looking forward to it.

  3. Nick is an amazing speaker whose ability to mix humor and religion is a special talent. I look forward to seeing and listening to him on Sunday.

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